Ferro Boron

Boron is used in the production of soap, detergents, enamel and insulation. Substitutes in soaps include sodium and potassium salts of fatty acids to act as the cleaning and emulsion agents. Borates in detergents can be replaced by chlorine bleach or enzymes. Some enamels use other glass-producing substances, such as phosphates. Insulation substitutes include foams and mineral woods.


Ferro boron is used in the production of alloy steel and foundry iron as additives, which can improve the quenching degree and mechanical properties in carbon steel and alloys structural steel, the strength of heat-resistivity in heat-resistant steel and heat-resistant alloy steel. Ferro born is also used in the production of Nd-fe-B permanents magnets.

Specifications and Packing:

  Composition for Purity and Impurity
Brand B Si S P C Al
B14 14%< 3.0%> 0.01%> 0.10%> 0.5%> 0.5%>
B18 18%< 1-3.0%> 0.01%> 0.10%> 0.5%> 0.5%>

Size: 5-30mm, 10-50mm, 0-2mm accounts for 90% min. 

Packing: In iron drums of 250 net each or in 1000Kg bags.