Ferro Manganese HC/MC/LC

Manganese is a hard and brittle, grey-white metal. It is used mainly in steelmaking to control the sulphur during smelting and as a deoxidizer. Manganese is one of the most important ingredients for steelmaking. It gives strength and malleability to the steel. Without Manganese, steel could not be hot-rolled or forged without cracking. The British Metallurgist Hadfield first developed High Manganese at the end of the 19th century for use in the expanding railroad industry in Europe and North America. Today, steel has an average content of 6 to 7 kilograms of Manganese per metric ton. Ferro-Manganese is mainly produced in China, France, Ukraine, and South Africa. China accounts for about one third of global output per year. Ferro Manganese is produced in three different grades of carbon content: High Carbon (7-8%), Medium Carbon (1-2%), and Low Carbon (0.2-1%). The Manganese content varies between 75% and 80%.