Ferro Phosphorous

Ferro phosphorus is used mainly as the additives in the foundry industry to improve the floatability of foundry iron, thus improving the quality of the castings. phosphorus content can increase the wearing resistance and improve the cutability in the castings. Ferro phosphorus also used as the additive in the steel production, which can improve the corrosion resistivity in certain steel products.

Specifications and Packing:

  Composition for purity and impurity
Brand P Si S C Mn
P23 23%< 2.0%> 0.5%> 1.0%> 2.0%>
P25 25%< 1.0%> 0.5%> 1.0%> 1.0%>

Size: 10-50mm or 10-80mm, 0-10mm accounts for 90%min. or as per request

Packing: In plastic woven bags with outher gunny bags of 1000 kg net each. 

Customer special requests available.